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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Senior Seminar
Senior Seminar
Fall 2015
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Limited to students majoring in the field
COMM 2100 and COMM 3110


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COMM 4199 - Senior Seminar: Communication
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Capstone course limited to communication majors. Students work on an individually designed research project throughout the term, the results of which are presented in a major paper. Selected reading and discussion.
1. critically evaluate communication theories and previous research relevant to a research topic of interest to you, 2. design, develop, and carry out an original research project that contributes new knowledge to the Communication discipline, and 3. draft, refine, and present a scholarly paper of the highest quality. To that end, I hope to facilitate a group process through which you will support each other in: 1. building on your individual academic strengths, 2. practicing superior time management and planning skills applicable to academia, as well as to any career path of your choosing, 3. improving any academic skill areas that you find to be particularly challenging, 4. gaining a deeper and more thorough understanding of the academic research enterprise, of your ability to contribute meaningfully to that work, and of the potential contribution of academic research to making life better for people.
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CCAS - GCR:Social & Behavioral

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