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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Geography (GEOG)
Digital Image Processing and Analysis
Digital Image Process/Analysis
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GEOG 2107 and GEOG 3106


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Land use/land cover change analysis using satellite and aircraft platforms. Digital image processing techniques, analysis, and applications.
• Convey an understanding of the value and limitations of utilizing remotely sensed data for mapping and monitoring land cover/land use change. • To provide students with the solid understanding of how remotely sensed data and digital image processing tools can be used together to solve real world problems. • Expose students to basic operational challenges related to the operation of digital image processing software for land cover/land use change applications. • Understand multiple methods for extracting information from remotely sensed images for a number of land use/land cover change applications. • Develop the ability to use image processing software to extract information from remotely sensed imagery. • Provide first hand experiences to enhance learning and demonstrate the evolving nature of this discipline by using what they have learned in this class to solve a real world problem of their choosing
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This course serves as an upper division elective for GIS Minor students. It is a follow up class to GEOG 2107
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