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Religion (REL)
Man and the Natural Environment
Man and Natural Environment
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The religious, philosophical, and historical causes of the modern environmental crisis; examination of the relationship between human beings and the natural environment in the West and in major non-Western civilizations from Graeco–Roman antiquity to modern times. Emphasis on the religious and philosophical issues involved in the relationship between man and nature.
After this course, students should be able to: 1. understand the religious and philosophical roots of the environmental crisis, beginning with an analysis of the Greco-Roman and Medieval Christian attitudes towards nature. 2. comprehend the role played by Renaissance humanism and the seventeenth-century scientific revolution in the development of modern man’s secularized view of the world, as well as the reactions to this secularization in the Romantic movement. 3. understand the traditional attitudes toward nature in various non-Western cultures and religions (Hindu, Buddhist, Islamic, American Indian, etc.) and recognize the essential role that a revival of these traditional views can play in the resolution of the environmental crisis today.
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