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Viewing: FORS 6258 : The Investigation of Sexual Assault and Other Sex Crimes

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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Forensic Science (FORS)
The Investigation of Sexual Assault and Other Sex Crimes
Sexual Assault Investigation
Spring 2016
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Nathan Galbreath
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This course integrates medical, psychological, sociological and legal information for investigators and professionals involved in the field of sex crime investigation. Special emphasis will be placed on the application of research-supported data to situations involving the sexual exploitation and victimization of adults.
As a result of completing this course, students will:
1. Be able to differentiate between penetrating, contact, and non-contact sexual crimes, the perpetrators who commit the crimes, and how the crimes impact victims.
2. Describe medical and psychological conditions experienced by victims of sexual crimes.
3. Use behavioral characteristics of sexual offenders to generate potential investigative leads.
4. Apply a wide variety of investigative resources to sexual crime investigations.
5. Use investigative techniques to address critical legal issues for the prosecution of sexual crimes.
6. Describe technology’s role in criminal acts and the investigation of sexual crime.
7. Develop critical thinking, writing, and investigative skills.
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This course is designed for forensic sciences students.
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