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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Sociology (SOC)
Media, Class, Race, and Family
Media, Class, Race, and Family
Spring 2016
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SOC 1001 or SOC 1002

Neil Shister
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The reciprocal influences of mass media content and social structure, with particular attention to dominant media narratives. Methodologies for identifying and deconstructing media messages, marketing strategies, and entertainment themes, and how these align or conflict with social circumstances.
As a result of completing this course, students will be able to: 1. Identify how the evolution and content of media operate to influence American society; 2. Employ methodologies to deconstruct media content into analytical components (signs, significations, paradigms) and demonstrate how those elements define cultural narratives; 3. Develop their own theory about how media influences social psychology and shapes individual identities.
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SOC 2152 is centrally focused on how media content embodies and influences cultural messages on such issues as consumption, family, class identity, and social psychology. Unlike SMPA 1050, it only peripherally addresses the relationship between media and politics; specifically, media topics covered in SMPA 1050 such as journalistic values and norms, objective reporting, censorship, reporting of local and international news, and media research methods are not addressed in SOC 2152. On the other hand, issues central to SOC 2152--such as the structure of imaginary media narratives, the branding of desire, the media bias toward entertainment, the role of media in shaping individual psychology and collective cultural mythology--are not addressed in SMPA 1050. In effect, SMPA 1050 focuses on the journalism and political institutions, whereas SOC 2152 focuses on media and social values.
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CCAS - GCR:Social & Behavioral
Revised course name, description, learning outcomes, and syllabus with CCAS template addenda.
dullman (Thu, 05 Feb 2015 23:21:56 GMT): Rollback: Indicate how this course differs from SMPA 1050. Coordinate with SMPA on a resubmission.
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