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In The Catalog Prerequisites:

EXNS 3117 : Injury Assessment

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EXNS 2121 : Orthopaedic Taping and Bracing
Milken Institute School of Public Health
Exercise and Nutrition Sciences (EXNS)
Injury Prevention and Control
Injury Prevention and Control
Spring 2016
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EXNS 1110 and EXNS 1111


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Information and practical experience in the prevention, recognition, and/or treatment of injury, illness, and health conditions; anatomy review, injury recognition skills, and prevention, first aid, and treatment techniques.
1. Students will demonstrate knowledge and understanding of basic concepts of cellular and molecular physiology, human anatomy & physiology, nutrition, and psychology. 2. Students will demonstrate knowledge and understanding of various physiological and behavioral mechanisms underlying the body’s adaptation to exercise. 3. Students will organize and internalize this knowledge and understanding in adopting lifestyle choices that promote health and wellness. 4. Students will be able to evaluate the effect of various exercise challenges (interventions) on both short- and long-term human adaptations based on their own work and by critiquing the literature. 5. Students will evaluate and critique the current scientific literature for quality of evidence and for relevance to theory and practice. 6. Students will integrate scientific theory and principles through laboratory and community-based experiences.

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Revised title, changed the number of credits from variable to 3, and removed course fee.
ebrunori (Wed, 03 Feb 2016 14:17:58 GMT): Rollback: Prerequisites do not match with syllabus; Syllabus not on most up-to-date template; missing religious holidays statement. Univ will not accept this. Also, look at Course Fees- is this still applicable if lab is now removed?
ebrunori (Wed, 03 Feb 2016 17:39:00 GMT): Laboratory removed from this course, so reduced to 3 credits and lab fee removed.
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