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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Anthropology (ANTH)
Linguistic Field Methods
Linguistic Field Methods
Summer 2015
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graduate students


Alexander Dent, Joel Kuipers
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The relationship between language and thought in dialogue with the study of a particular foreign language. Ethnographic study of language and cognition and the application of linguistic theory and method to anthropological research. Methods of elicitation and textual analysis, and technologies used for storing and analyzing linguistic data.
1) Students will understand the basics of field data collection associated with paleontology, Paleolithic archaeology, geology and biology 2) Students will investigate specific methodologies how they are used to interpret the biology, behavior, and environments associated with human ancestors 3) Students will learn to identify major classes of objects frequently recovered from paleoanthropological sites 4) Students will learn basic fieldwork skills that will be applicable to any fieldwork based science (mapping, field note collection, contextual data collection; database development and data collection, basic statistical analysis of collected field data).
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The only course providing the training in linguistic field methods needed for advanced work in anthropology and related disciplines.
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