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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
English (ENGL)
Shakespearean London
Shakespearean London
Fall 2016
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Holly Dugan
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Early modern London's emergence as a global capital and its influence on Shakespeare's plays. Instructor permission required.
The goal of the course is: 1. to introduce students to Shakespeare’s plays as well as contemporary scholarly methods used to study Shakespeare’s work in a cultural studies framework; 2. to introduce students to the history of London's emergence as a global capital in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries and to interrogate the relationship between early modern literary representations of the “city” and Shakespeare's works; 3. to connect this history to modern understandings of global capitals (like London or Washington DC) paying close attention to how Shakespeare’s works serve as a bridge between radically different times and places; 3. to give students the chance to hone their writing through careful analysis of Shakespeare’s plays within their historical context and within ours.
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This course studies Shakespeare in his cultural context and examines early modern London's entertainments through the city's emergence as a global capital. It has included a study abroad component in its past three iterations.
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Gen Ed: Humanities
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This course fulfills the pre-1700 requirement for the English major.
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