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Viewing: CPED 6410 : Reading Children’s Literature across the Curriculum

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Graduate School of Education and Human Development
Curriculum and Pedagogy (CPED)
Reading Children’s Literature across the Curriculum
Childrens Literature
Summer 2016
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Participants read and analyze multicultural children’s literature (from folktale to nonfiction) while simultaneously practicing discussion, dramatization, art, and writing response strategies suitable for involving all students and integrating literature across the school curriculum.   
Through readings , assignments , class presentations and participation, students will develop: • Knowledge of the various genres represented in children's books , and familiarity with a repertoire of quality books that represent these genres; (2.1) • Ability to use participator y responses (e.g. listening, speaking, readin g, writing) to quality children's literature for the purpose of enhancing pupils' enjoyment and comprehension of both fiction and nonfiction; (3.1) • An appreciation for quality in children 's literature , and a commitment to nurturing children 's interest in books of high quality; (2.1) • An awareness of children 's responses to literature ; and the ability to develop reader response activities that nurture language and literacy throu gh dramatization, art, music , oral discussion and writing activities; (2.1) • Unique and creative approaches to reading aloud daily to children in one-on-one and group settings; (3.4) • Knowledge of websites and software and the ability to apply technology as an avenue for stimulating children 's interest in and responses to literature; (3.5) • Knowledge of ways to encourage parents to read aloud good children 's literature at home ; (5.4) • An awareness of the benefits of sustained silent reading; (2.1) • Knowledge of literature that is multicultural and reflects the diversity of our nation's heritage and society; (3.2) • Recognition of the important issues of racism , sexism , and censorship in children's literature ; (3.2) • Knowledge of the literary elements that shape a work of children 's literature ; (2.1) • As writers of children 's literature by creating own story derived from personal experiences , aspirations , or novel ideas. (5.1)

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Rationale for offering CPED 6410 for either 2 or 3 credits:

CPED 6410 at 2 credits is used for MEd in Elementary Education.
MEd students will not complete invitation stations and rationales as they have in the past.

CPED 6410 at 3 credits is used for MAEd&HD in Curriculum and Instruction.
MAEd&HD students are required to do an inquiry project on children's literature. They will be researching an author or genre and putting together a mini-unit based around an essential question/theme (i.e. culturally diverse literature, transactional reading theory, how to individualize instruction for struggling readers using high quality literature, etc). The project will be on-going and done in stages throughout the course.
Key: 9473