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IAD 3304W : Interior Materials
Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Interior Materials
Interior Materials
Fall 2015
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Major: 1206 - Interior Architecture and Design, Level: 01- Undergraduate
IAD 6304 - Interior Materials
IAD 2200


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IAD 2205 - Interior Materials
IAD 2205W - Interior Materials
IAD 3304W - Interior Materials
IAD 6205 - Interior Materials
IAD 6304 - Interior Materials
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All phases of textile production, including standards, testing, and specifications. Properties, regulations, and installation of interior finish materials.
By the end of this class, your full participation will have gained you the following abilities: To select appropriate materials for all types of design projects To use color theories and psychology to enhance all material selections To incorporate historical research and sustainability into all selections To apply information to protect the health, safety and welfare of occupants in spaces you design
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