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Law School
Law (LAW)
External Student Competition
External Student Competition
Fall 2017
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David Johnson
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An External Student Competition is a legal skills based competition which allows for GW Law
students to compete against students from other law schools that provides the opportunity to
satisfy the “Experiential” Skills Requirement under ABA Standard 303. This course is offered in
both the fall and spring semesters in four different sections: (1) ADR, (2) Mock Trial, (3) Moot
Court, and (4) Other. While the definitions of ADR, mock trial and moot court are relatively
clear, an ‘External Student Competition’ is typically a non-adjudicative competition which does
not fall under the definitions of competitions listed as LAW 6642, 6644, or 6645. To qualify as
an External Student Competition for credit (1) the competition must be sponsored by the ABA or an ABA-accredited law school, and (2) a faculty member must serve as coach for the competing students and certify that they have earned the course credit. Presently, qualifying Other Student Competitions include, but are not limited to, the ABA Section of Taxation Law Student Tax Challenge, the Drexel University School of Law’s Transactional LawMeet, the Georgetown University Law Center’s National Security Crisis Law Invitational, the National Animal Law Legislative Drafting & Lobbying Competition, and the University of Maryland School of Law’s Health Law Regulatory & Compliance Competition. This is a restricted class. In no event may a student receive more than a total of 3 credits for intra- and interscholastic competitions under LAW 6641, 6642, 6644, or 6645, nor may a student participate in more than one such competition in any given semester. All students competing must complete and submit an Intent to Compete form available from the course instructor. A student successfully advancing from a regional to a national competition must register for this course again to receive 1 additional credit for participation in the national. This course is graded on a CR/NC basis.
Students will develop and demonstrate their oral and written advocacy skills
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