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Graduate School of Education and Human Development
Curriculum and Pedagogy (CPED)
Evaluation in Curriculum & Instruction
Eval in Curric. & Instruction
Fall 2015
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doctoral students; masters students with approval of instructor


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This course will teach doctoral and masters' students about evaluating curriculum and instruction related programs, projects, or policies. This course provides students with the theoretical grounding and practical experiences they need to develop and implement evaluation research. Students in the course are required to: 1) read current literature that covers the breadth of theories and models applied in the field of evaluation, 2) participate in live online discussions and instructor presentations and, 3) design, implement and report on a targeted evaluation of a curriculum and instruction related program, project or policy.
Students completing this course will: 1) Contribute to online and live class discussions; 2) Analyze a program or policy to construct a logic model representing the theory of change after meeting with stakeholders; 3) Design an evaluation including a plan and data collection measures and instruments; 4) Conduct a partial evaluation; 5) Analyze results of the evaluation; 6) Write an evaluation report; 7) Present the evaluation report to stakeholders.
This course is specifically for students interested in the evaluation of curriculum and instruction programs.
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