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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Speech and Hearing Science (SPHR)
Fall 2016
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Cynthia Core
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An overview of phonetics of American English and an introduction to sounds of languages of the world. General principles of phonetic description and analysis, speech production mechanisms, classification of consonants and vowels of English and other languages, suprasegmental aspects of speech, and acoustic characteristics of speech sounds. Allophonic variation and phonetic characteristics of connected speech and social and regional phonetic variation. Instruction and practice in transcription using the International Phonetic Alphabet.
Students will describe how speech sounds are produced (respiration, phonation, articulation). describe classification and distribution of speech sounds in English (English consonant and vowel phonemes and allophones). describe and identify airstream mechanisms and production of sounds of the world’s languages. describe basic acoustic properties of sound. phonetically transcribe standard, nonstandard, and disordered speech using the International Phonetic Alphabet (broad and narrow transcription) to represent phonetic variation using diacritic markers and non-English phonetic symbols. identify, describe and transcribe general error patterns in child speech (e.g. phonological processes, sound distortions) identify and analyze differences in AAE and Spanish-influenced English from Standard American English
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