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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Speech and Hearing Science (SPHR)
Language: Structure, Meaning, and Use
Language Structure and Use
Fall 2015
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Cynthia Core
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LING 3603 - Psycholinguistics
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A survey of basic linguistic terminology and the components of language structures. Major topics will include language structure (syntax, morphology, phonology), meaning (semantics), and the use of language as a means of communication among individuals (pragmatics).
Students will use appropriate terminology to describe language and its basic components. discuss the representation of meaning within the language system, including the lexicon and lexical semantic representations, and how lexical representations may be accessed. describe morphological forms and how morphemes may be combined to form words. describe the principles of word forms and the phonological and orthographic rules that govern the spoken and written forms of words. describe the syntactic forms and functions and the rules that govern the combination of words to form novel sentences. describe models of language processing for comprehension and expression. describe the principles of pragmatics as they apply to language use and communicative interactions among individuals. discuss variations in language structure and pragmatics as seen in individuals who are bilingual. describe bilingual and multilingual language learning contexts
Unlike LING 3603, Psycholinguistics, this course will be offered every academic year during the fall semester. It will provide an in depth view of the components of language and how they are used to convey meaning and are used in human communication interaction. The course will be a prerequisite to SPHR 2131, Language Acquisition and Development.
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This course, along with a newly proposed course SPHR 2136, Phonetics, will replace SPHR 2130, Phonetics and Phonological Development. This course will be required for the major in Speech and Hearing Science.
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