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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Political Science (PSC)
Visualizing and Modeling Politics
Visualizing&Modeling Politics
Spring 2016
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PSC 2101 or STAT 1051 or STAT 1053 or STAT 1111

Eric Lawrence
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The class builds on PSC 2101, Scope and Methods of Political Science, with emphasis on working with data to examine political questions.
• Improve their ability to process and analyze data using modern computational tools. • Have a deeper understanding of the appropriate ways to summarize simple and complex relationships between political variables. • Learn better and worse ways to present evidence. You will learn the worse ways to present evidence in order to avoid doing so in the future.
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We are adding alternative courses to the prereq field. In addition to PSC 2101, a student may satisfy the prereq by taking STAT 1051, 1053, or 1111.

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