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Milken Institute School of Public Health
Public Health (PUBH)
Practical Data Management and Analysis for Public Health
Data Management and Analysis
Spring 2016
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Bingenheimer, J.
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Practical aspects of dataset creation, data management, rudimentary statistical analysis, and tabular and graphical presentation of results. Tasks covered include creating codebooks, entering and cleaning data, deriving new variables from existing ones, choosing and implementing appropriate analytical techniques, graphing and tabulating results, and documenting and protecting work.
1. Demonstrate an understanding of how to develop a data management system in SPSS. 2. Demonstrate an ability to carry out route data management tasks in SPSS. 3. Demonstrate an ability to select appropriate analytical approaches for common situation in prevention and community health, implement them in SPSS, and interpret the output. 4. Demonstrate an ability to document and protect data management and analytic work performed in SPSS.

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Administrative Revisions to reflect zero credit discussion sessions.
Key: 9408