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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Theatre and Dance (TRDA)
Dance and Arts Management
Dance and Arts Management
Summer 2017
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Dana Tai Soon Burgess
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Introduces students to career opportunities in the arts, from performance to arts management, as well as successful planning strategies to enter the field beyond the classroom/studio.
Each student will be able to:
Utilize Critical and Analytic Thinking to make career choices with an understanding of the field of the performing arts from performance to arts management to curation
Demonstrate a proficiency in theories associated with arts management including development, marketing and performance strategies
Demonstrate a proficiency in a performing arts vocabulary with an overview of the field that includes the, local, regional, national global market place
Create and Implement a strategic plan that escalates their career in dance
Communicate in verbal and written forms their views on varying contemporary performing arts business structures
Advocate for the performing arts in and outside of the classroom

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CCAS: Arts
CCAS - Dance Electives
CCAS - Theatre-Design & Tech
CCAS - Theatre Electives

Key: 9270