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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Theatre and Dance (TRDA)
Theatre of Social Change
Theatre of Social Change
Fall 2016
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Focuses on theatre of social change as practiced in the second half of the 20th and in the early 21st centuries; exploring additional case studies from South Africa, Europe, and the US.
*To discover some of the techniques used by theatre (dance and music, too) to effect changes in society. *To explore various models of social action theatre, which involve participants and audience members in new and unconventional roles. *To examine the effectiveness of using theatre as an instrument of change. *To further develop critical reading and writing skills; and the abilities to conduct meaningful research and to present the results of that research articulately. *To discover, through doing, ways to create and perform “social action” theatre, employing some of the ideas and approaches studied in class, where appropriate.
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CCAS - Theatre Electives
This also is a Wid Course- this course is in the bulletin, however, was missing course descriptions, etc and this is to amend that issue.
ghuerta (Tue, 22 Mar 2016 14:25:12 GMT): I revised term from Summer 2016 to Fall 2016, so this course can post to the schedule in time.
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