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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Biomedical Sciences (BMSC)
Ethics for Translational Sciences
Ethics-Translational Sciences
Fall 2015
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ANAT 6130 (Human Clinical Embryology), ANAT 6160 (Human Clinical Neuroanatomy), ANAT 6181 (Human Gross Anatomy), ANAT 6292 (Projects in Anatomical Sciences), ANAT 6150 (Human Clinical Microscopic Anatomy).
Dr. Linda Werling
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BMSC 8218 - Career Options in the Biomedical Sciences
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Ethical issues relevant to the design and conduct of translational research, such as data management, human-based research, conflict of interest, and responsible use of animals. Students debate contemporary cases on ethical issues related to translational sciences and write in-depth analyses on ethical issues in human genome research, stem cell research, and clinical research involving children.

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This course is tailored to graduate students that have been enrolled in the Graduate Certificate in Anatomical and Translational Sciences. Therefore, this course will meet the academic needs of those students by emphasizing ethical issues specific to clinical and translational sciences involving human-based research and human genomic technologies
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CCAS - Professional

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