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TRDA 2161 : Intermediate Ballet II

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TRDA 2161 : Intermediate Ballet II
Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Theatre and Dance (TRDA)
Intermediate Ballet
Intermediate Ballet
Spring 2017
Course Type
Studio Course
Default Grading Method
Letter Grade


mastery of low intermediate level ballet steps and vocabulary, ability to perform short combinations of dance steps, and competence in basic elements of ballet technique
Dana Tai Soon Burgess
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Maintenance of Lab Space

Training in movements and steps within the intermediate level ballet lexicon, emphasizing technical skills, stamina, mastery of longer dance sequences, presentation, musicality, and artistry. Permission of the instructor is required prior to registration. May be repeated for credit. Laboratory fee.
1. know vocabulary for and be able to correctly execute intermediate level ballet steps, classical body positions, and epaulement;
2. incorporate into dancing elegant and classically informed body line, correct timing, and rhythm;
3. be able to memorize and execute classroom combinations of 32 to 64 bars after only 2 repetitions of demonstration and/or verbal direction from instructor;
4. understand and incorporate into dancing correct technique in alignment, turnout, lengthening of the body and limbs, isolation and control of the limbs, shape and use of the feet;
5. display musicality, performance quality, and stamina in dancing; and
6. demonstrate through classroom attitude and performance an understanding of the importance of self-discipline, personal care of health, and self-assessment in improving individual performance.
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No other Ballet Course is offered currently.
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SPHHS-Creative/Performing Arts
TRDA is reoffering this course that had be deactivated for Sp 17
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