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Viewing: STAT 4197 : Fundamentals of SAS Programming for Data Management

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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Statistics (STAT)
Fundamentals of SAS Programming for Data Management
Fundamentals-SAS Prog-Data Mgt
Fall 2017
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Joshua Landon, Reza Modarres
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Fundamentals of Statistical Analysis System (SAS) software for data management, statistical analysis, and report writing; data modification, programming, file handling, and macro writing. Students are expected to have knowledge of computer programming and to have completed an introductory statistics course. Credit cannot be earned for both STAT 4197 and STAT 6197.
1. Students will gain an understanding of the SAS language, Base SAS procedures including the structured query language procedure, macro facility, and key aspects of Interactive Matrix Procedure. The specific outcomes are as follows:

2. Students will be able to read raw data into SAS; manipulate, modify, and transform variables; combine, reshape, aggregate, and summarize data.

3. Analyze data and produce reports

4. Use SAS macro facility to reduce code repetition and create modular code and gain familiarity with the Interactive Matrix Procedure
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Two minor changes were made.
1. STAT 1129 requirement was substituted with knowledge in computer programming
2. As STAT 6197 was introduced as a new course which is equivalent to STAT 4197, a line was added stating that "Credit cannot be earned for both STAT 6197 and STAT 4197."
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