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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Theatre and Dance (TRDA)
Beginning Acting
Beginning Acting
Fall 2015
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HONR 2059 - Honors Intro to Acting
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Maintenance of Lab/Studio

An introduction to the process of acting. Students will learn to make choices using various acting techniques to create characters and learn about the process.
As a result of completing this course, students will be able to: 1. Demonstrate comprehension of fundamental acting techniques including the use of, given circumstances, objectives, obstacles and tactics. 2. Develop a clear character physically and vocally by implementing basic acting techniques such as: Jacques Lecoq inspired movement exploration, finding a clear center of gravity and emotional expression as it relates to acting. 3. Demonstrate mastery of basic acting techniques used in the process of building a character including developing character biographies through research, critical thinking, and creative skills associated with character development. 4. Demonstrate comprehension of basic acting methodologies learned from scholarly text and in class exercises including sense memory, endowment, emotional memory and subtext. 5. Demonstrate mastery of basic improvisation by using basic principals and techniques. 6. Demonstrate mastery of critical thinking and creative skills associated with story telling by creating a script with a clear beginning middle and end, and developing a clear plot and climax. 7. Demonstrate through written assignments (journal and two production papers), an ability to critique performances that apply scholarly material read/presented to specific details of the acting process. The student will be able to argue persuasively for the ways in which the actor(s)’ work does or does not engage the tenets of the scholarship. The relevance of the scholarly material to the actor’s work is considered.

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CCAS: Arts
ESIA-Creative Arts Courses
SPHHS-Creative/Performing Arts

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