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The 20th Century Artist Book: Tradition and Innovation
The 20th Century Artist Book:
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This course will explore the historical, theoretical, and critical development of artists' books throughout the 20th and early 21st centuries within the context of movements and trends in the visual and performing arts. Books associated with the Arts & Crafts Movement, Russian Futurism, Surrealism, fluxus, Conceptual Art, and Postmodernism, among others will be closely studied. Johanna Drucker's anthology "The Century of Artists' Books"(1995) will serve as a guide. Readings and presentations will be based on individual books, presses, writers, and artists. Independent research at the Library of Congress and other area research centers will culminate in a developed seminar paper to be presented to the class at the conclusion of the semester. In some semesters this course maybe offered at the undergraduate level as CAH 3330 and at the graduate level as CAH 6330. Additional work is required to earn graduate credit. Priority to graduate students of the Art and the Book department; open to other degree students as space is available.

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