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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Speech and Hearing Science (SPHR)
Anatomy and Physiology for Speech and Hearing II
Anatomy and Physiology II
Fall 2015
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Anatomy of the auditory and vestibular systems; physiology of hearing; anatomy of the brain and spinal cord; physiology of the nervous system.
Students will be able to 1. Label/Identify structures of the nervous system, auditory, and vestibular systems. 2. Explain the physiology of the nervous, auditory, and vestibular systems. 3. Classify symptoms of nervous, auditory, and vestibular system dysfunction related to the area involved. 4. Identify and label major cortical, sub-cortical, and brain stem neuroanatomical sites important for speech, language, hearing, and cognitive functions. 5. Describe the neuropathologies of communication disorders. 6. Distinguish differences among symptoms following damage to cortical, sub-cortical and brain stem sites. 7. Summarize the principles of neurological examination.
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This change is a reduction in credit hours from 4 to 3. This is related to elimination of the laboratory portion of the course.
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