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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Philosophy (PHIL)
Philosophy of Logic
Philosophy of Logic
Fall 2015
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Some grounding in first-order logic will be presupposed.
Michele Friend
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Central concepts in the philosophy of logic, including truth, reasoning, inference, deduction, induction, judgment, assertion, warrant, proof, demonstration, meaning, semantics, syntax, paradox, mathematical models, and the relationship between a formal representation of logical reasoning and the philosophical ideal of the practice of reasoning.

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This course differs from the Advanced Logic graduate course in that in it the students do not cover any technical material and do not acquire a proficiency in use of a formal language. Instead, in Philosophy of Logic we philosophize about logic and ask fundamental philosophical questions about formal systems that represent logical reasoning.
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This course will be offered as part of the new MA in Philosophy, which will offer its first courses in Fall 2015.
Key: 8899