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Studio Visits
Studio Visits
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Ongoing critical discourse about each student’s creative work through regular studio visits with the instructor, as well as one-time visits by international, national, and regional artists. This course will challenge students to interrogate and more fully articulate their individual practices.

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We have made a couple changes under the Grading section, which should resolve the issues. Below is some clarification, which I hope is helpful.

"Participation in critiques" has been changed to "Critiques with Professor and Visiting Artists." The percentage of the grade remains the same (45%). Aside from the creation of new artwork throughout the semester, the structure of this course is built around ongoing critiques (critical discourse about the artwork that students are creating) with the professor and a wide variety of visiting artists. GW has a partnership with The Phillips Collection, which brings 6 contemporary artists to DC each year. Each visiting artist delivers a lecture at The Phillips Collection, and then comes to GW the following day to conduct critiques with students in the MFA program (students registered for this course). In addition to the artists who come to campus through this partnership, the department invites many other artists and scholars to campus to do the same. "Participation" in these critiques is not the same as "participating" in a lecture course; it is much more intensive, in that students are engaged in one-on-one discussions about their practice as an artists and the works they are creating. Therefore, we hope that changing the wording from "Participation in critiques" to Critiques with Professor and Visiting Artists" clarifies the issue.

As mentioned above, the other component of this course that should be given equal amount of attention in terms of grading is the quantity and quality of studio work. This has been changed from 25% to 45%. While students are expected to respond to the feedback that they are given during the ongoing critiques with the professor and visiting artists, there are not generally specific assignments given. This course is designed to enable students to develop their individual practice as artists,; it is not an assignment based course to develop specific technical skills. Therefore, the 20% that was previously listed under "Completion of assignments and other research," has been removed and added to "Quantity and Quality of Studio Work."

Finally, we agree that attendance at the lectures was given too high of a percentage (20%), so we have changed it to 10%. However, these remain an important component of the course because if a student will be receiving a critique from these artists, they must attend the lectures.

I hope this addresses your concerns.
jarkes (Wed, 10 Sep 2014 15:38:35 GMT): Rollback: Jamie--Cheryl Beil agrees that we ask for reconsideration of the grading scheme, with reference to the 20% for attendance and 10% for assignments and other research. Note that there is no indication of what constitutes the assignments.
palumboj (Wed, 10 Sep 2014 18:45:51 GMT): Rollback: Syllabus Changes
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