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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Spanish (SPAN)
Intensive Elementary Spanish: the Spanish-speaking world
Intensive Elementary Spanish
Spring 2017
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undergraduate students



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Language Center

Development of functional and communicative proficiency in Spanish; listening and speaking skills, reading and writing abilities, and intercultural competence. Some study of the language and achievement of the appropriate placement test score are required prior to registration. Language Center fee.
GOAL 1: Demonstrate basic functional and communicative proficiency in Spanish, i.e., your ability to use the language in basic communicative situations with native speakers. This includes the development of listening and speaking skills, as well as reading and writing abilities. GOAL 2: Demonstrate developing understanding of the Spanish-speaking societies: peoples and traditions. GOAL 3: Demonstrate developing cross-cultural awareness of some perspectives of the Spanish culture. All the above goals can be accomplished through continuous opportunities to practice Spanish in a variety of contexts, and on-going exposure to the necessary contents for communication (grammar and vocabulary). All activities or tasks carried out in the classroom will be significant, and they will help you activate communication processes to integrate and contextualize contents learned in and out of the classroom. Your active communication with your peers during class time is, thus, an essential component of this course. GOAL 1: Linguistic skills at the end of SPAN1012 Novice High Interpersonal communication - I can communicate and exchange information about familiar topics using phrases and simple sentences, sometimes supported by memorized language. - I can usually handle short social interactions in everyday situations by asking and answering simple questions. Presentational speaking - I can present basic information on familiar topics using language I have practiced using phrases and simple sentences. Presentational writing - I can write short messages and notes on familiar topics related to everyday life. Interpretive reading/listening - I can often understand words, phrases and simple sentences related to everyday life. - I can recognize pieces of information and sometimes understand the main topic of what is being said.
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This course is for students with some prior study of the language but who did not place into SPAN 1003.
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