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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Philosophy (PHIL)
Advanced Logic
Advanced Logic
Fall 2015
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For graduate students only

Good formal training in logic - propositional logic: natural deduction, tables and trees; first-order logic: language (translation from English), trees and natural deduction; some limitative results, eg, decidability, compactness, completeness, Lovenheim-Skolem properties, soundness, etc.
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Intensive reading of a difficult text in an advanced logical system or a series of logical systems. Focus on analyzing reasoning under partial information, using the formal system to analyze fallacies of reasoning and analyzing quantum phenomena using the formal system.

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This course differs from PHIL 6223 Philosophy of Logic in that we look at a formal technical system and learn proficiency in learning that formal system to help us reason in or about a particular topic. There is very little emphasis on asking philosophical questions about the formal system.
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Course will be offered on demand in fall or spring, as part of new MA in Philosophy. New course description approved by professor.

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