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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Psychology (PSYC)
Qualitative Research and Analysis
Qualitative Research
Fall 2017
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Qualitative research and analysis with a focus on theory, didactic material relevant to qualitative methodologies, and applied qualitative research design and analysis.
The proposed new course, PSYC 8258, differs from the existing qualitative courses in three key ways. First, it focuses on qualitative research specific to the discipline of psychology. This is important because although the use of qualitative methods in history is long, U.S. psychologists have historically shunned qualitative methods in favor of the ostensibly more rigorous and scientific quantitative methods. Thus, much of the course material and discussions centers on the role of qualitative research within the discipline. For example, the course text is: Willig, C. (2013). Introducing qualitative research in psychology (3rd ed.). New York: Mc Graw Hill Open University Press.

Second, the course combines theory and analysis within a single course.

Finally, the course provides students with applied qualitative research experience. Students must develop a qualitative project, design measures and collect data, transcribe their data, and use Nvivo, a qualitative computer software project, to assist in the management and analysis of their collected data. The course provides for in-class workshops for such work.
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