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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Sociology (SOC)
Social Problems in American Society
Social Problems in America
Fall 2017
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SOC 1001 or SOC 1002


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SOC 2105W - SocialProblems in Amer Society
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Introduction to critical social problems (e.g., unemployment, poverty, crime, discrimination) in the United States and how they are, and have historically been, researched and understood by the academic and non-academic worlds. Concepts, theories, and methods of sociological research; examination of the field of social problems generally, emphasizing contemporary social problems.
Develop a greater understanding of the sociological perspective; develop an understanding of key concepts useful for analyzing social problems; expand critical thinking skills; develop the ability to recognize the impact of social issues on your life and how that knowledge can provide you with tools and perspectives with which to approach the world.
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CCAS-Amer.Studies Focus Area 3
CCAS-Amer.Studies Focus Area 5
CCAS - GCR:Social & Behavioral
Sustainability Track B
SEAS - Soc. Science Electives

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