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School of Business
Business Administration (BADM)
The Age of Globalization
The Age of Globalization
Spring 2017
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Rehman, Riddle, Jensen, Maurer
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A multidisciplinary foundation in the globalization of people, markets, and firms. Required for all School of Business students.
LEARNING OBJECTIVES: Global Orientation - Students will be able to demonstrate an orientation to global issues by: 1. Learning Goal: Students will understand the complexities of the economic, political, legal/regulatory, socio-cultural, and technological environments of the world. More specifically: a) the drivers of economic growth and understanding of disparities in economic performance and outcomes b) the challenges of development and the nature of global poverty, inequality and shifting economic and geopolitical power c) global mega-trends and their implications d) global macro-financial linkages: how they operate, why they matter e) what makes emerging markets different from developed economies (economic, political, social-cultural) f) the various elements of globalization of people, markets and firms. g) the basic multilateral institutions and what they do and cannot do h) how to read and interpret economic issues, geopolitical analysis, and economic and financial data i) conflicting ideologies that drive economic views and political policies Objective: Students will be able to: 1. Identify the challenges of living and working in a global environment 2. Exhibit knowledge of the major economic, financial, historic, social, cultural, geographical and legal environment of various regions and countries 3. Understanding the evolving nature and impact of globalization.

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