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School of Medicine and Health Sciences
Clinical Leadership (CL)
Mixed Methods in Translational Health Sciences
Mixed Methods Research
Summer 2016
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occupational therapy majors
Mary Corcoran
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An introduction to mixed methods as a legitimate design tradition, with a unique set of procedures for data collection, analysis, and strategies to assure rigor and accuracy. Students design a mixed methods study to address a translational research question.
As a result of the course, the learner will be able to: 1. Compare the scientific processes, including data collection and analysis procedures, for various mixed methods designs 2. Design strategies to ensure rigor in mixed methods designs 3. Apply a mixed methods design to translational science questions 4. Select mixed methods research designs to address complex, multilevel questions 5. Plan effective methods for disseminating findings
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Uniquely applies mixed methods research approaches to translational health questions at the doctoral level
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