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Viewing: PSHC 6204 : Compliance with Laws and Regulations II

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College of Professional Studies
Professional Studies Health Care Corporation Compliance (PSHC)
Compliance with Laws and Regulations II
Compliance Law & Regulation II
Fall 2017
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PSHC 6201 and PSHC 6202


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Issues of governance and corporate responsibility, HIPPA compliance and enforcement, federal tax law, Stark law, Sherman Act, Clayton Act, antitrust enforcement policy in health care. Corequisite: PSHC 6206.
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The purpose of this update is to correct repeating 6202 for credit. Originally the course was created as a 6 credit course. We changed it to 3 credits with the option to repeat, however we learned that this is not the correct use of "repeatable for credit". We now propose modifying the title to Compliance with Laws and Regulations I and creating a second course, Compliance with Laws and Regulations II (PSHC 6204, Spring 2015) each 3 credit hours. We will also submit a request to change PSHC 6203 to PSHC 6206 effective SP 2015 ~ Connie Mokey
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