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College of Professional Studies
Professional Studies in Public Leadership (PSPL)
Advanced Applications in Organization Performance Improvement
Advanced OPI Applications
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PSPL 6301, PSPL 6303
currently working in an organization.
Susan Beauchamp
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Students learn tools for pulsing the organization to test the effectiveness of their approaches and assess the degree of support from key leaders. Students are encouraged to adopt an evolutionary design perspective and modify their solutions continuously based on feedback and results achieved--documented benefits in cost savings, process speed increases, enhanced customer satisfaction, and revenue enhancements. All examinations must be passed with a score of 80% or better. Students present their final project reports and receive feedback from faculty and a team of peers. Those who complete all requirements with a grade of B or better will earn a Black Belt Certificate demonstrating proficiency in using advanced Lean Six Sigma methods and processes to lead organization performance improvement initiatives.

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This course completes instruction in Lean Six Sigma at the Black Belt level, and enables students who successfully complete the course, including their project and the comprehensive examination, to receive certification as a Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma in addition to receiving academic credit.
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Students who successfully complete this course, in addition to PSPL 6301, PSPL6302, and PSPL6303 will graduate from the Graduate Certificate Program in Organization Performance Improvement. In order to graduate, they need to have completed both the Green Belt and Black Belt projects, as well as passed examinations for both levels of certification, in addition to completing their academic assignments.
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