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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
East Asian Languages and Literatures (EALL)
Daoism in East Asia
Daoism in East Asia
Spring 2017
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EALL 3831 - Daoism in East Asia
REL 3831 - Daoism in East Asia


Xiaofei Kang
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General introduction to the Daoist (Taoist) Tradition in China and in East Asia. Students who take the course for graduate credit will be assigned additional work.
1. Have a basic knowledge of the Daoist Tradition.
2. Be able to think, discuss and write analytically about the key Daoist beliefs, practices,
rituals, and ideas in different historical periods
and their interactions with other religious
3. Be able to understand, interpret and contextualize the primary sources and secondary
scholarship in relation to the social and cultural backgrounds of China.

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Attached syllabus is updated including credit hour policy.
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