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School of Business
Master of Business Administration (MBAD)
Business Ethics and Public Policy
Business Ethics/Public Policy
Fall 2017
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Discussion Group
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Kristin Martin
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Political, legal, social, economic, and ethical forces acting upon business. Interaction of the market system and public policy process in the development of law and regulation.
This course provides a foundation for understanding business in its broader OBJECTIVES: social context. It focuses on the ethical, political, and economic arenas in which the firm operates with an emphasis on the interaction of the market system and the public policy process. The course introduces students to important frameworks in business ethics, and allows students to practice assessing debating, writing about, and reaching consensus on ethical issues in business, As a result of this course, a student will be able to: • Understand and apply the ethical frameworks in business decisions. • Appreciate the role of ethics as central in business strategies and managerial decisions. • Understand the interconnection of the firm’s non-market and market environments. • Develop an awareness of changing legal, social, and political environments as they affect organizations. • Ability to identify key socio-political issues for a firm, formulate changes and incorporate appropriate socio-political involvement activities to implement changes. • Formulate and communicate an integrated strategy for managing non market and market environments. • Demonstrate skill in managing responses to pressures on the firm from various stakeholder groups.

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Key: 8449