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BISC 3450W : Evolutionary Medicine
Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Biological Sciences (BISC)
Evolutionary Medicine
Evolutionary Medicine
Fall 2017
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BISC 1115 and 1125; and BISC 1116 and BISC 1126
BISC 2207 and BISC 2450
Diana Lipscomb
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BISC 3450W - Evolutionary Medicine
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The application of evolutionary principles, including natural selection, adaptation, phylogenetics, and evolutionary constraints, to understanding health, disease, and the biology of disease-causing organisms (viruses, bacteria, and parasites). How natural selection and phylogeny influence pathogen-host interactions, human genetics, immunology, development, cancer, and diseases of senescence.
1. Understand what evolution tell us about the causes, treatment, and prevention of diseases 2. Understand why evolution matters for medicine, public health, and biomedical re- search. 3. Be able to describe how an evolutionary perspective can help a biomedical researcher 4. Learn to critique and evaluate evolutionary medicine hypotheses 5. Recognize evolutionary problems in medicine 6. Understand the categories (subtypes) of evolutionary medicine hypotheses.
- 7. Learn to develop a novel hypothesis in evolutionary medicine.
This course is not similar to others at GW. The Anthropology department offers a course entitled "Illness, Healing, and Culture" (Anth 3504) but this is an exploration of cultural differences in health care through time and in different cultures.
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