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Law Students in Court: Civil Division
Law Students in Court - Civil
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LAW 6230, LAW 6360


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This is a clinical program in pre-trial and trial litigation that offers students the opportunity to develop skills as litigators while representing persons in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia. Students who participate in the civil division represent tenants in landlord-tenant actions, but may also handle some consumer cases, negligence cases, and other civil matters. Under the supervision of clinical instructors, students are responsible for all aspects of litigation: interviewing clients and witnesses, conducting investigations, preparing pleadings, engaging in settlement negotiations, and conducting all motions hearings and trials pursuant to the Superior Court's student practice rule. Only third-year students who have completed Law 6230 and 6360 may participate in the clinic. This is a one-semester clinic. Seminars are held in the evening. Students must have one day per week available for court appearances and plan to devote approximately 25 hours to the clinic each week. Students may enroll concurrently in this course and Law 6668 only with permission of both instructors. Enrollment is limited. (Skills)

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