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Viewing: PSAD 6270 : International Public Relations and Global Advocacy

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College of Professional Studies
Professional Studies - Advocacy (PSA)
International Public Relations and Global Advocacy
International PR/Global Advo
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Discussion Group
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PSAD 6240 - Global Advocacy: Strategies, Tools, and Tactics
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How global public relations strategies are developed and implemented to support advocacy efforts. Case studies of successes and failures. Consideration of communications theories that enable insight into challenges arising from differences in language, culture, politics, and economics worldwide. Students develop, implement, and assess a comprehensive global public relations strategy that includes social media technologies. Students choose either PSAD 6240 or PSAD 6270, depending upon their chosen program emphasis; credit cannot be earned for both courses.

Either this course or PSAD 6240 is required for the master's degree Advocacy in the Global Environment.
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