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Viewing: ANAT 6223 : Special Topics in Regenerative Medicine

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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Anatomy and Regenerative Biology (ANAT)
Special Topics in Regenerative Medicine
Topics Regenerative Medicine
Fall 2015
Course Type
Discussion Group
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Letter Grade
Graduate Certificate in Anatomical and Translational Sciences only
Introductory Biology for Science or non-Science Majors

Dr. Anne Chiaramello
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Students attend seminars given by invited lecturers to present their research findings and breakthroughs on topics of regenerative medicine. Seminars can be sponsored by the Department of Anatomy and Regenerative Biology, the Stem Cell Interest Group Journal and Data Club, the Molecular Medicine Graduate Program (MMED 8214), and the GW Institute for Neuroscience.

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This is the only graduate course that focuses on scientific concepts in stem cell biology and regenerative biology with an emphasis on scientific writing.
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CCAS - Professional
We are requesting a change of number of credit hours from 1 to 2 credit hours to reflect the increase of the number of seminars (from 8 to 14) attended by the students and the doubling of the numbers of assignment (from 5 to 10) turned in by the students during the semester.
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