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Viewing: ANAT 6182 : Fundamentals of Regenerative Biology and Systems Physiology

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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Anatomy and Regenerative Biology (ANAT)
Fundamentals of Regenerative Biology and Systems Physiology
Regenerative biology-systems
Fall 2017
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students in the graduate certificate in anatomical and translational sciences program


Dr. Robert Hawley
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Students will attain knowledge about the fundamental processes of how a body develops and maintains itself as a functional organism. In Part I, students are introduced to developmental biology; tissue inductions; patterning during organogenesis; and the formation of major organs and tissue systems. In Part II, students will develop an understanding of how major organs and tissue systems work and integrate; how tissue structure relates to tissue function; how injury leads to dysfunction and its clinical signs; how organ function can be assessed; and how this information can potentially be used for tissue repair and regeneration.
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This is the only graduate course to integrate modern laser-based technologies with cutting edge concepts on regenerative biology and systems physiology
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