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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Anatomy and Regenerative Biology (ANAT)
Clinically Oriented Human Microscopic Anatomy
Human Microscopic Anatomy
Fall 2017
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students in either the Graduate Certificate in Anatomical and Translational Sciences (GCATS) or Special Master's in Anatomical and Translational Sciences (M-ATS) program.
BISC 1115 and BISC 1125; and BISC 2202

Dr. Alexander Tzatsos
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ANAT 2150 - Human Microscopic Anatomy
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The normal histological structure of cells, tissues, and organs of the human body with emphasis on clinical relevance; structural/functional correlates at both the light and electron microscopic levels; alterations in normal histology through disease or injury and the etiology of various disease states; integration of histological concepts with clinical correlates.
1) Demonstrate competency in histologic concepts at the cellular and organ levels 2) Describe principles in human microscopic anatomical sciences 3) Explain fundamental principles in clinical histology and their correlation with causes, mechanisms and effects of diseases
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This is the only graduate course that combines functional and clinically relevant microscopic anatomy
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CCAS - Professional

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