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Master of Business Administration (MBAD)
Fall 2016
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Marketing as an organizational function creating, communicating, and delivering value to customers while managing customer relationships in ways that benefit both the organization and its stakeholders. Formulation and implementation of the elements of marketing strategy through the application of concepts of marketing, analytic perspectives, and decision tools.
 Understand the key elements of the business environment that affect marketing decisions;  Know the major steps in strategic planning and the contents of a marketing plan;  Understand the role and types of marketing research and information systems in development of marketing strategies;  Identify important characteristics of consumer and business markets;  Understand and apply the concepts of segmentation, targeting and positioning;  Understand and apply the concepts of branding and brand equity;  Apply marketing principles and theories to actual business problems.  Understand the characteristics of products, the product life-cycle and the consumer adoption process;  Understand the distinctive characteristics of services;  Understand the situational considerations that influence price;  Evaluate intermediaries and distribution channel alternatives;  Determine and evaluate communication and promotional strategies;  Apply marketing principles and theories to actual business problems.
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Course needs variable credit: 0 to 3 (and in between). Thanks!
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