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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
School of Media and Public Affairs (SMPA)
Public Diplomacy
Public Diplomacy
Fall 2015
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The theory and practice of public diplomacy: informing, influencing, and establishing dialogue with international publics and institutions. A conceptual and historical examination of public diplomacy, current practices, and contemporary issues, including international information dissemination, educational and cultural exchange, and international broadcasting.
Students will be able to:
-- understand the historical, political, social, cultural and economic context of public diplomacy;
-- demonstrate an understanding of the concepts, institutions, processes, and tools relevant to public diplomacy;
-- understand and critically analyze how the Internet, social media, globalization, and non-state actors are shaping the practice of public diplomacy;
-- describe, compare and evaluate public diplomacy strategies of countries other than the United States;
-- demonstrate an understanding of the current challenges to public diplomacy and critically evaluate recommended reforms; and
-- apply theory to practice by
drafting a public speech for a senior official, laying out clear policy themes in ways that are relevant and persuasive to a chosen audience;
critiquing the social media presence of a public diplomacy actor, and offer specific suggestions for improvement;
creating a coherent public diplomacy strategy for a public diplomacy actor; and
developing skills for critical analysis and expression of views orally and in writing.
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