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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
School of Media and Public Affairs (SMPA)
Media, Technology, and Culture
Media, Technology, and Culture
Fall 2015
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Concepts, principles, and socio-political implications of new and changing media and related technologies. Focus on intersection of new technologies and the anthropology of everyday life, in particular self-governance, policy development, cultural rupture and cohesion, the tension between national security and individual privacy rights, and First Amendment issues.
1. Understand the basic concepts, principles, and procedures that govern both legacy media and emerging online and virtual communication technology. 2. Describe and discuss the cultural and historical context for understanding the role of media in a democratic society, from the technological perspective. 3. Explore conventional and emerging paradigms for technology regulation, pricing models, privacy issues, and anthropological impact in an increasingly free-market economy. 4. Think critically about the social, political, and cultural implications of each of these governance models for a variety of world and domestic constituencies and across a broad spectrum of technological applications. 5. Apply analytical thinking skills within the framework of the increasingly complex relationship between technology and society, especially as it relates to policy development. 6. Be comfortable and conversant with the basic concepts, vocabulary, and technical understanding they need to be sophisticated consumers, users, managers, and innovators within the contemporary technological environment. 7. Find important connections between and among specific technological innovations and their political, social, and economic impact within and across historical time periods and differing socio-economic strata.

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CCAS-Amer.Studies Focus Area 6
CCAS - GCR:Social & Behavioral
SEAS - Soc. Science Electives
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