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School of Business
Master of Business Administration (MBAD)
Global Perspectives
Global Perspectives
Spring 2016
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How decisions and processes are modified for the complex global arena. Differences between the domestic and international environments and the implications for management; variations in the organization of institutions of capitalism across countries. Challenges of operating in different cultures, effects of national differences in institutional environments, and design of organizational structures for coordination and control in multinational operations.
The specific objectives for the course are: (a) To gain an understanding of the role of the manager in formulating and implementing international strategy. (b) To gain an appreciation of how the different facets of the international environment create strategic challenges and opportunities for the firm. (c) To develop a competence in applying techniques and frameworks in the analysis of the international environment. (d) To gain a sensitivity to ethical issues in international business. (e) To provide the conceptual tools and critical thinking skills for students to manage with a Global Mindset. (f) To take stock of the “macro” factors reviewed in the first half and explore how these affect strategic behavior and performance at the level of the firm. (g) To enable students to integrate conceptual frameworks, real life cases and current business events. Students are expected to go well beyond the mere memorization and repetition of international management theories. (h) To gain an understanding of how to create effective transnational capabilities and create competitive advantage.

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