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School of Business
Master of Business Administration (MBAD)
Decision Making and Data Analysis
Decision Making & Data Analysi
Fall 2016
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Elements of decision making that enable managers to characterize their strengths, assess the competition, and forecast the future. Deterministic and probabilistic decision models. Analytical approaches involving uncertainty, multiple objectives, and multiple stakeholders. Probability concepts are used to develop and apply statistical models, with both exploratory and inferential statistical techniques used, including sampling, estimation, and hypothesis testing.
1. Students will develop an understanding of decision making processes, human cognitive limitations/biases, and methods to overcome these limitations.

2. Students will develop an understanding of probability concepts and learn to apply them in decision making situations.

3. Students will develop an ability to deal with multiple conflicting objectives.

4. Students will develop an ability to analyze competitive situations using basic concepts of game theory.
5. Students will develop an ability to communicate the rationale when called on to justify a decision.

6. Students are provided with a practical and theoretically sound decision-making foundation for both the MBA program and real-world application.

7. Students will learn to interpret statistical data and make statistical inferences about the population based on sample data.

8. Students will develop critical thinking skills by understanding the underlying theory of statistics and its utilization in decision making.

9. Students will improve their analytical skills through understanding of the decision analysis process through data analysis.

10. Students will learn to establish relationships between variables using data patterns and characteristics

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Making variable credit 0 - 3 credits
Key: 8351