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School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Civil Engineering (CE)
Engineering Computations
Engineering Computations
Fall 2017
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Letter Grade

APSC 2113 and CSCI 1121

Samer Hamdar
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Every Year
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Numerical methods for engineering applications. Methods for solving systems of linear equations, root finding, curve fitting, and data approximation. Numerical differentiation and integration and numerical solution of differential equations. Computer applications.
The primary purpose of this course is to introduce the students to the different numerical problem types encountered in the civil and environmental engineering field while adopting the corresponding solution methods. The secondary purpose is to familiarize the students with the necessary software/programming tools to apply such methods. Accordingly, the main course learning objectives of the course are to: I. Understand the difference between numerical solution methods and analytical solution methods, the corresponding characteristics and limitations. II. Learn the different numerical problem types (i.e. integration, differentiation, root finding, solving system of equations, etc.) encountered in civil and environmental engineering and the corresponding inter-relation. III. Understand different engineering problems and formulating the corresponding solution techniques. IV. Transform the numerical solution methods into specific algorithms with well-defined sets of boundaries, logic and algebraic operations (i.e. tractable equations). V. Implement basic operations in MATLAB while programming different solution algorithms and using the proper solution functions.

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SEAS-CE Technical Elective

Key: 832