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College of Professional Studies
Professional Studies in Public Leadership (PSPL)
Fundamentals of Organization Performance Improvement
Fundamentals of OPI
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currently working in an organization.
Susan Beauchamp
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PSPL 6222 - Organizational Process Analysis
PSPL 6223 - Organizational Process Design
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In-depth instruction on the Lean Six Sigma approach to organization performance improvement and appropriate uses of a variety of its analytical methods and tools. Students are required to complete a Lean Six Sigma application project and pass all examinations with a score of 80% or better. Students completing all requirements earn a Green Belt Certificate for proficiency in Lean Six Sigma methods and applications.

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This differs from other courses by requiring the completion of a Lean Six Sigma project as a demonstration of competency in a specific organization improvement methodology. It differs from other PSPL courses in format, being fully online and being offered as a single 6-credit course, taken in a single semester, in order to ensure that students are instructed in the full DMAIC methodology. It is designed for the Graduate Certificate in Organization Performance Improvement, but is open to any GW graduate student, unlike PSPL 6222 and PSPL 6223, which are restricted to persons in the Master's in Public Leadership.
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The design and format is based on our experience in having non-master's students try to enroll in the master's courses, and realizing that they would not receive all the information they needed if they only took one of the two courses that are a part of the Master's curriculum. It is also designed to fit the needs of the certificate program.

PSPL 6301, 6302, 6303 and 6304 are meant to replace the current required courses to earn the graduate certificate in Organization Performance Improvement. - C. Mokey
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