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National Campaign Dynamics
National Campaign Dynamics
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Lara M. Brown
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Examination of the historical and systematic patterns in national elections. Differences between presidential and midterm elections; House and Senate contests; party nomination races and general elections; primaries and caucuses; Democratic and Republican party delegate selection rules; causes for “wave” elections; effect of the economy on election outcomes; and standard vice presidential selection models. The political and partisan structural conditions that exist before any of the candidates or the campaigns get involved.

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This course is replacing PMGT 6253 (but there was a significant revision in the course content and learning objectives and so, we attached a syllabus). IMPORTANTLY, it needs to now be numbered --- PMGT 6436 to align with the overall program re-numbering.

Note -- Along with submitting this new course proposal form with the new course number (PMGT 6436), I submitted an edited form with the old course number, which should eventually be deleted from the course offerings once the changes have been made.
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